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Design Clean Lines with Cable Rail Infill

Protect both sightlines and safety with stainless steel cable rail infill from Alumina Railing. Stainless-steel cable infill applications add a truly modern and contemporary feel to any project.

Our custom-manufactured infill systems include a variety of cable and fitting options for assemblies that are tailored to your unique design and functional needs. Because all of our products are manufactured to your specifications, you have greater freedom and flexibility to design a sleek and contemporary system that fits your requirements, whether commercial or residential.

Cable infill panels are usually built in conjunction with other aluminum, stainless steel or wood elements for strength and support. Need help designing the right panel for your needs? Our experienced and qualified team is available to assist.
Cable Infill Portfolio
Close up view of architectural railings with stainless steel handrail.
Architectural railings with stainless steel and cable infill in BMW Cincinnati.
View of stainless steel architectural railings with cable infill.
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